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Performance requirements and main advantages of Permanent NdFeB magnets
Nov 26, 2018

The main advantage of the permanent magnet NdFeB magnet in the process of operation is that it is cost-effective and will have good mechanical properties to a certain extent. The permanent magnet NdFeB magnet must be adjusted by adjusting its chemical composition and surface treatment. It can be improved to meet the requirements of practical applications. NdFeB is a third-generation rare earth permanent magnet material with small volume, light weight and strong magnetic properties.


Permanent magnet NdFeB magnets are currently the best performance-price magnets on the market. The advantages of high energy density make NdFeB permanent magnet materials widely used in modern industrial and electronic technologies. In the bare magnetic state, the magnetic force can reach about 3500 Gauss.


As a third-generation rare earth permanent magnet material, NdFeB magnets have high performance and are widely used in energy, transportation, machinery, medical, IT, home appliances and other industries, especially the development of knowledge economy represented by information technology. It has brought new uses to functional materials such as rare earth permanent magnet NdFeB, which brings a broader market prospect to the NdFeB industry.



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