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Performance curves and storage precautions for powerful magnets
Oct 11, 2017

Powerful magnets in the process of storage do not close to the electronic equipment, close to this will directly affect its electronic equipment and control circuit and affect the use of powerful magnets do not store in a humid environment, so that you can to some extent to avoid oxidation , Resulting in appearance and physical characteristics and magnetic properties change.

Powerful magnets in the metal object sensitive reaction of the person if close to the magnet, it will cause its skin rough, reddish. If any of the above reactions occur, do not touch the powerful magnets. Do not put magnets close to floppy disks, hard drives, credit cards, tapes, debit cards, TV picture tubes, and so on. If the magnet close to the magnetic recorder and other devices, will affect or even damage the recorded data.

In the powerful magnets magnetization of the saturation magnetization in the reverse magnetization, the magnetic induction strength reduced to zero required reverse magnetic field strength value is called magnetic induction coercivity. But at this time the magnetization of the magnet is not zero, except that the applied magnetic field of the reverse magnetic field is offset by the magnetization of the magnet. (External magnetic induction intensity is zero) at this time if the withdrawal of external magnetic field, the magnet still has a certain magnetic properties. NdFeB coercivity is generally more than 11000Oe.

Will be a powerful magnets in the closed-loop environment by the external magnetic field to the technical saturation of the withdrawal of the external magnetic field, then the magnets of the magnetic induction intensity we call the remanence. It represents the maximum flux value that the magnet can provide. From the demagnetization curve can be seen, it corresponds to the case when the air gap is zero, so the magnetic field in the actual magnetic field magnetic flux density is less than remanence. NdFeB is the highest practical permanent magnet material found in Br.

The strength of the magnets to reduce the magnetization of the magnets to zero requires the application of the reverse magnetic field strength, which we call the intrinsic coercivity. The intrinsic coercivity is a physical quantity that measures the anti-demagnetization capability of the magnet. If the applied magnetic field is equal to the intrinsic coercivity of the magnet, the magnetism of the magnet will be substantially eliminated. Neodymium iron boron Hcj will be reduced with the temperature rise so the need to work in high temperature environment should choose high Hcj grades.


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