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Performance and quality assurance of Permanent magnet NdFeB tile
Jan 21, 2019

As a sintered NdFeB magnet, the Permanent magnet NdFeB tile magnet can be widely used in industrial permanent magnet motor, electronics, audio and other industries. The guarantee of the performance of the Permanent magnet NdFeB tile is derived from the control of the raw material production process. According to the manufacturer's manufacturing requirements, the raw materials are selected according to the national standard.


Secondly, the advanced production process directly determines the performance quality of Permanent magnet NdFeB tile tiles. At present, the more advanced technologies are scale ingot casting technology, hydrogen crushing technology and jet milling technology, which ensure the uniformity of the powder and are beneficial to liquid phase sintering and grain refinement.


In addition, the monitoring of the quality of the Permanent magnet NdFeB tile tile production process is very important, and can be controlled by SC slice thickness measurement and JM powder particle size distribution. Also, the guarantee of the size of the Permanent magnet NdFeB tile tile depends on the processing strength of the factory.


The shape of the permanent magnet neodymium iron boron tile used in practice is various, and each shape of the permanent magnet has different sizes, and the production process is difficult to be formed once. The general production process is the production of large pieces of billet. After sintering and tempering, it is processed by mechanical processing and grinding, surface coating, and then the performance of the magnet, surface quality and dimensional accuracy are measured, then magnetized and packaged. And factory.



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