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Motor magnetic tile for car industry and method of bonding magnet and shell
Apr 09, 2018

With the increase of automobile output, the use of motor magnetic tile for car industry is increasing. In the manufacturing process, the manufacture of the stator assembly is an important process, and the stator assembly is a method of passing the motor bearings of the automotive industry. The glue sticks to the components on the motor housing.


In the process of bonding motor magnetic tile for car industry, the magnets are first magnetized and then bonded to the casing. To reduce the loss of the glue and increase the bonding strength, it is necessary to apply the ceramic tile to the surface of the tile. , and then magnetic tile into the hole in the motor casing for bonding.


In this process, because the magnetic shoe of the motor magnetic tile for car industry itself is magnetic, in order to avoid the occurrence of squeegee, a special tool for bonding magnetic tiles is used to tighten the torque of the chuck through a controllable torque wrench. The control then controls the pressure between the motor's magnetic shoe and the casing of the automotive industry. This pressure is uniform in every aliquot to ensure consistency in the bonding effect of each pole magnet.


In the process of glue solidification, in addition to the need to control the pressure applied to the motor tile and casing of the motor industry, it is also necessary to control the pressure application time, ie, the initial setting time of the glue. Because the magnetic tile is magnetic, the magnetic tiles repel each other. If the pressure is not applied for a sufficient time, the magnetic tile will move, affecting the bond quality of the magnetic tile.


After fixing the bonded ceramic tile of the automotive industry using a tool, the surface of the magnetic tile is coated with glue, and the chuck is used to rotate the chuck counterclockwise with the chuck key, and the jaws of the chuck are moved inward. Become smaller. When the magnetic tile becomes smaller, the motor casing is loaded onto the tooling, and the casing is not in contact with the magnetic tile. By this method, the glue on the magnetic tile can be prevented from coming into contact with the casing prematurely to reduce the amount of glue and prevent the occurrence of the squeegee phenomenon.



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