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Motor magnetic tile classification and use
Jun 06, 2018

Due to the different application fields of the motor magnetic tile, there are certain differences in the requirements for the function and magnetic field waveforms. For example, when used in a fitness equipment motor, the outer surface of the rotor of the motor magnet rotor requires a high surface area, and the waveform should be a sine wave according to the requirements; as a stator, the selection is made according to the requirements of the effort, the spark and the difference of the manufacturer's musical sound.


Under normal circumstances, the rotor of the motor stator of the stator has a high internal arc field because its appearance and production characteristics will have an important influence on its performance. At the same time, the key to the waveform is the saddle shape. The wave shape of this type of product is strong. For the time being, the main raw material used in making this type of product is ferrite. With the development of technology, it is now also possible to use some new materials for production and processing.


In fact, according to the current production of motor magnets, different raw materials can be used. We know that the so-called magnetic tile refers to a type of permanent magnet in Dongyang magnetic tile mainly used in the permanent magnet motor on the tile-like magnet. According to their different raw materials, can be divided into three major categories, namely: 1, ferrite magnets; 2, NdFeB magnetic tile; 3, AlNiCo magnet.


Combined with the current application situation to analyze, in fact, the motor magnetic tile is generally used for permanent magnet DC motor, and the electromagnetic motor generates different magnetic potential source through the excitation coil, and the permanent magnet motor is a permanent magnetic material to generate a constant magnetic potential source. Magnetic permanent magnets have many advantages instead of electrical excitation, which not only simplifies the overall structure of the motor ferrite magnetic tile, but also makes the structure itself reduced, the weight is reduced, the performance is more reliable in use, and the energy consumption is lower. Therefore, it is increasingly welcomed by users in the market.


In addition, motor magnets can also save material usage and save costs. In general, the motor magnet is used as a motor stator, and in a miniature DC motor, most ferrite magnets are used. For example, the applied range includes toys, home appliances, and automobiles.



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