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Measures to Improve Grinding Quality of Arc Permanent Ferrite Magnetic Tile
Jan 24, 2018

With the development of small home appliances, magnetic motors gradually toward the direction of miniaturization. One arc permanent ferrite magnetic tile is the main electronic components in the DC motor, in practical applications, its dimensional accuracy will directly affect the performance of the motor. In the process of arc permanent magnet ferrite magnetic tile grinding process, because of its more special processing technology, it also needs to take effective measures to improve the grinding quality.


First of all, let's take a brief look at the main factors that affect the grinding quality of arc permanent ferrite magnetic tile. In general, the key factor is the quality of the sintered billet. This is because the sintered billet density, brittleness, size, etc. will have a significant impact. In addition to consider the design of the grinding fixture is reasonable, as well as grinding fixture processing quality.


This is because if these factors are not well controlled, it is difficult to guarantee the quality of the arc permanent ferrite magnetic tile that has high dimensional accuracy and appearance requirements. If you want to improve the product quality, then first of all to maximize the dimensional accuracy of the sintered billet products, but also reduce the amount of grinding. Because sintered ferrite itself hard and brittle performance, so if only by grinding to determine the shape of the product is more difficult.


Based on this consideration, the processing should also ensure that the sintered billet as much as possible to meet the shape and size requirements. And to control the amount of grinding properly. In addition, the structure and size of the grinding fixture should be reasonably designed according to the characteristics of the pressing process of the arc-shaped permanent ferrite magnetic tile.


In addition to these methods, because of the size of the corundum will also have an impact, it also needs to be based on

Arc-shaped ferrite magnetic tile shape the size of the appropriate selection of diamond size to sand. In addition, it is necessary to regularly conduct regular maintenance and maintenance on arc magnetic ferrite magnetic tile-related production equipment to ensure the processing accuracy of the equipment.


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