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Material and Low Temperature Resistance Knowledge of Permanent Magnet Ferrite Magnetic Tile
Mar 02, 2018

Permanent magnet motor are basically need to use the magnet products, and more common is the permanent magnet ferrite tile, but the motor above the permanent magnet ferrite tile is what material is not a lot of friends do not understand, in view of this , We will give you a brief introduction, hoping to be helpful to everyone.


The permanent magnet ferrite magnetic tile used on the motor mainly includes the hard and soft magnetic (core) type, the main materials are as follows:


First of all, it refers to the heterogenous ferrite radial ring magnet, such a magnet is currently used is also more extensive, multi-level magnetization method, such permanent magnet ferrite magnetic tile is mainly used for household appliances, pumps, office automation equipment As well as some automotive permanent magnet motor.


Then there will be ferrite magnets of the same sex. Such ferrite magnetic tile on the magnetic force is weaker than the heterosexual ferrite, mainly for toy motor, R / C motor; injection molded ferrite rotor, such permanent magnet ferrite magnetic tile is mainly used for Brushless DC motors, ventilator motors, and their use in automotive pumps and instrumentation.


For ferrite magnetic tile, such a permanent magnet ferrite magnetic tile in the price cheaper, the heat resistance appears to be superior, and in terms of speaking, we actually have to pay attention to its very large To the extent that it will be used for treadmill motors or solar fan motors, while its automotive glass lift motor and its 550 motor can also be applied.


Finally, when it comes to the upper limit of the working temperature of the ferrite in the permanent magnet ferrite magnetic tile, the temperature is stable at 300 ° C when actually used and measured, but it can not withstand such a high low temperature environment, Authoritative test results, the permanent magnet ferrite magnetic tile can reach 40 degrees in low temperature environment will begin to demagnetization, it is necessary to pay attention to the use of neodymium iron boron ferromagnetic in the north of the cold weather.



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