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Main Influencing Factors of Magnetic Strength of Permanent Magnet Motors
Jun 11, 2018

Permanent-magnet motor magnets are a kind of functional electronic components, which are mostly used in various specifications of DC micro-motors. The quality of permanent magnet motor magnetic tile not only manifests itself in the magnetic properties, dimensional tolerances, appearance meets the requirements of the national standard waste processor magnetic tile and user's use, but also includes an important quality characteristic parameter, that is mechanical strength. What factors influence the mechanical strength?


In fact, if the mechanical strength of the permanent magnet motor magnetic tile does not meet the requirements, the chipping phenomenon may occur during the installation process or the use of the motor, causing the motor rotor to be stuck and stopped and the motor to be scrapped. Therefore, we need to find out in advance the relevant major factors. The first is raw materials. The selection of good raw materials is a prerequisite for the production of good products. The commonly used raw material is a permanent magnet ferrite pre-fume, the main components of which are Fe2O3 and SrO.


The second influencing factor is impurities. In other words, in the production process, permanent magnet motors can be used as raw materials for magnetic shoe preparation, ball mill grinding, slurry transportation, and press molding. These impurities are commonly found in the packaging materials and ball mills for pre-burning materials. The seals, the operator's labor protection products, and the broken steel balls in the ball mill, especially the impurities entered before the ball mill, are most seriously affected.


The third factor that needs attention is the control quality of the press molding process. In fact, press molding is the key process of the permanent magnet motor magnetic tile. The design and processing of the mold and the setting of process parameters all have a significant impact on the compression molding of the magnetic tile. If the mold design is unreasonable or the parameters of the pressing process are not set correctly, even after the magnet is molded and even sintered, no abnormality can be seen from the appearance, but the strength of the tile will be seriously affected.


In addition, during the sintering process, the sintering process will not only have a significant impact on the magnetic properties of the permanent magnet motor's magnetic tile, but also have a significant impact on its mechanical strength and physical characteristics, because the sintering process is the permanent magnet motor tile solid Instead, the process should ultimately affect the material formation, density, grain size, geometry, and mechanical strength of the product.


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