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Magnets attract iron absorption and principle
Jan 16, 2017

Many people concerned about the principle of magnet? Why do magnets attract iron? what is the principle? Manufacturers and tell them today.

Why do magnets attract iron?

Answered from users: all of material are is by molecular or atomic constitute of. and nucleus outside of electronic directed turned on will formed magnetic. General objects molecular sort is disorganized of. so electronic turned formed of magnetic field mutual offset has, so general objects no magnetic. and magnet of nucleus outside electronic are is towards a direction turned of. so magnet has magnetic, size is equal to electronic produced magnetic of sum.

Magnets attract iron is called magnetizing. is helter-skelter iron molecules, through a magnetic field, became orderly. iron will, like magnets, magnetic.

Interactions between the magnets is a very wonderful thing, so people are very keen on their research, hence they are widely in society.

A thorough knowledge of learning to learn requires a long process, ferrite magnet and the principle of sharing on the magnets attract each other.

AB Magnet attracts and attracts between atoms is a truth, which is a magnet and magnet b atoms combine. Important to know: magnets and magnet close to the process releases heat (energy and particles) that atoms combine with atoms

To release energy in daily life we don't feel, don't own a feeling no conservation of energy.

Analysis: principles of a stand-alone magnet, magnet a good spin-spherical particles given by external particles every step, after difficult process out of a curve, finally moving to the other end into the anti-rotating sphere.

An important understanding: If the particles in motion, velocity does not change, change for the motion of the particles, the greater, the cooperation of outside particles larger, if the particle is 0 for linear motion cooperation, namely curvilinear motion of particles, bending

Large forces are greater.

Analysis: the magnets when they met a magnet b, issued by the magnet b a good spin-spherical particles directly into the magnet a reverse spin ball, which means that these particles are no longer a difficult process, reducing bent at the ends of lines, that is, outside forces decrease

Much, much more.

Why do magnet attract?

Magnets can attract each other, are as a result of ferroelectricity (properties of ions in a metal structure),

This is the knowledge of the physical properties of materials, deep, aluminum, copper does not have this kind of performance, so not to be attracted. Stainless steel is the inclusion of elements such as Cr-Fe alloy, for the magazine broke the composition of the metal cation, out of its ferroelectricity, also will not be attracted.

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