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Aug 18, 2017

If you put a magnets for a long time, because the magnets inside the small magnet each turned to a different direction, thus losing the nature of the magnet, how to properly custody of our magnest?

1. Usually two magnets are placed opposite. Different pole relative to the two magnets can be long-term to maintain the nature of the magnet. If the magnet is placed opposite to the pole, it will soon lose its magnetism.

2. Apply iron to the poles of the magnets. So that the small magnet inside the magnets will continue to point to the same direction, so that the magnetic can be maintained for a longer time.

3. Place the magnets in a cold place. Because the magnets is most afraid of heat, once the case of hot magnet to lose the original magnetic.


After a piece of magnets is broken, it is divided into two magnets, but the two magnets will still have two poles, divided into Antarctic (S) and Arctic (N). How do we identify the poles of the magnet?

1, has been marked with a good magnetic pole to take the N pole side of the other one is not marked magnet side to attract, attract each other is the S pole, the other is the N pole.

2, with a professional instrument Gauss meter to detect the magnet, the Gauss meter will show the N pole and S pole.

3, the magnets hanging up, after the rotation stopped, the south pole of the magnet to the south of the direction of the Arctic pointing north.

4, with a compass to identify, not too close to the magnet. Otherwise the compass is useless, turn around the magnet, the pointer will be a strict suction to the magnet, this time can be judged to be magnetic pole. Sucking the pointer south of the N pole, sucking the north is the S pole.

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