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Magnetizing requirements and production efficiency of high speed motor magnetic tiles
Jul 18, 2018

High-speed motor magnetic tiles are very convenient for magnetization during operation. Some plants mainly use their solenoid tunneling magnetization, so that the production efficiency of the whole product is very high, and some high-speed motor magnetic tiles use internal impulse. The magnetic tile or magnetic ring needs to be bonded and dried first, and the production is also very convenient.

The high-speed motor magnetic tile is effectively magnetized by its third method. There are many small motors that use this method. When the rotor is installed, it is well assembled because there is no magnetic force, but it is not convenient to check whether the magnetic charge is sufficient. The first type of magnetization is open-circuit magnetization. Since there is no magnetic field of the external magnetic field during magnetization, there is no closed loop. The magnetization of the magnetic tile is not easy to be saturated, which has an effect on the magnetic flux density of the magnetic tile. Generally, it is more than a closed-circuit magnetization. Lower.

The high-speed motor magnetic tile is the most commonly used in the second medium magnetization mode. To a certain extent, it belongs to closed-circuit magnetization. The magnetic flux density after magnetization is also the highest, in the process of operation. It is also possible to adjust the waveform of the air gap magnetic density by the shape of the magnetizing head to meet the requirements of different motor performances. However, in the assembly of the motor, special tooling is required for assembly, otherwise the rotor may be injured due to magnetic attraction. The magnetic tile is magnetically broken.


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