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Magnetizing method of permanent magnet motor magnetic tile and its influence
Jul 27, 2018

At present, when magnetizing the permanent magnet motor magnetic tile, three main methods are available. The first one is to separately magnetize the magnetic tile, and then load it into the casing, and then assemble the whole; the second is to use the magnetic tile. Load the case (sticked) and re-magnetize, then assemble the whole. The third way is to load the permanent magnet motor tile into the casing (sticking), then assemble the finished product, and then fully magnetize it.


When different magnetization methods are used, the performance of the permanent magnet motor tile will have different effects. In comparison, the first type of magnetization is about 10% lower than the surface remanence of the second and third types of magnetization. Generally, the second method of magnetization is reasonable. Moreover, the second method is convenient for magnetization. Some plants use solenoid tunneling to magnetize and have high production efficiency.


Usually, when applied to some small motors, the third method is used to magnetize the permanent magnet motor tiles. In short, the second magnetization method is commonly used, which belongs to closed-circuit magnetization. The magnetic flux density after magnetization is also high, and the waveform of the air gap magnetic density can be adjusted by the shape of the magnetic head to meet the performance of different motors. Claim.



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