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Magnetizing method of DC motor magnetic tile
Apr 02, 2018

The magnetic tile is the primary component in the motor, used in permanent magnet motor, communication motor, DC motor, linear motor, brushless motor, motor, motor and other products, but different motors have different magnetic tiles, like DC motor The DC motor magnetic tile. So how are these magnets magnetized?


There are three main methods for magnetizing magnets of DC motors. One is magnetizing magnets alone, and then they are loaded into the casing and installed. Because this method has no external magnetic field when magnetizing and does not constitute a closed loop, magnetization is very convenient and the output power is high.


The other is that the DC motor magnetic tiles are magnetized in the casing and then installed. This is the most common method. The magnetic flux density after magnetization is also the highest, and the gas can be adjusted by the shape of the magnetizing head. The magnetic flux density of the gap achieves the satisfaction of different motor functional requirements.


Another method is to wait until the DC motor magnetic tiles are loaded into the casing and then install the products. Finally, the magnets are magnetized. The magnetic flux density after magnetization is usually between the first and the second. There are many small motors using this method.


However, it should be noted that when the whole machine is used to magnetize the DC motor magnet, the carbon brush and the rotor winding should be in an open circuit condition. In general, it is reasonable to select the second method of magnetizing magnets in DC motors.



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