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Magnetizing method and energy saving for ship electric motor magnetic tile
Mar 14, 2018

Ship electric motor magnetic tiles are a kind of magnets that are mainly used for permanent magnet motors. Marine motor magnets will also generate permanent magnetic potential sources from permanent magnets. Marine motor magnet instead of electrical excitation has many advantages of magnetic tile manufacturers, can make the motor structure is relatively simple, and then it is more convenient when it comes to maintenance, it is very light in weight, small size, the use of marine motor magnetic tile The manufacturers are reliable, use less copper, and have low copper consumption, while their own energy consumption is also relatively small.


Three kinds of magnetization methods for ship electric motor magnetic tile, the first point is that the magnets are magnetized separately, and then they are inserted into the casing and finally assembled as a whole; the second is to mount the magnets into the casing (sticking Good) The magnetization is then performed, and then the assembly is completed. In the third method, the magnets are loaded into the housing (adhesive), the assembly is completed, and finally the entire magnetization is performed.


Afterwards, when it comes to the installation of energy-saving ship electric motor magnetic tile, magnetic tiles generally have two types. One is a low-speed one. After that, they are bonded with AB glue DC motor magnets. It is a high rotational speed glued with AB glue and then fixed with a stainless steel sleeve.


Energy-saving marine motor magnets to ensure good performance when installed, this time is actually able to choose only for AB glue, more, that is, to add a layer of silicone on the outside, the purpose of doing so, In the first place, that is, for fixing, in other words, in order to prevent the iron material from being absorbed on the surface of the magnetic steel, or to remove it, it is necessary to pay attention to it. Magnetic steel surface electrophoretic layer destruction.


It is because the energy-saving Ship electric motor magnetic tiles are facing the listing problem when they are installed. Therefore, for actual installation, for the following applications, the diameter of energy-saving marine motor tile devices with a diameter of less than 55 rpm can be determined by using AB glue. There will be no big problem.



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