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Magnetic tile material used in different areas, its performance and magnetic field are also different
Sep 08, 2017

Magnetic tile material in the process of production will be effective according to its different materials and categories, the process is also a great difference, ferrite tiles to sintered ferrite-based, NdFeB magnetic tile is divided into sintering And bonding two types of sintered ferrite magnetic tile production process is divided into dry pressure heterosexual, wet pressure heterosexual, dry pressure same.

Magnetic tile material

The wetting process of the magnetic tile material is raw material, pre-burning, coarse grinding, batching, secondary ball milling, magnetic field molding, sintering, grinding, cleaning, magnetizing, etc., because the molding slurry contains moisture, easy to turn so different than the dry pressure to obtain a higher degree of orientation, its performance will be higher.

Magnetic tile material will be effective according to its different application areas, this will be on the performance and magnetic field waveform requirements are also different, as its rotor field of its arc surface field requirements, the basic requirements of the waveform sine wave, as a stator, According to the output requirements of the motor, the spark and the different requirements of the noise to choose, as the stator of the magnetic tile, the inner arc surface height, due to the shape of the tile itself and the production characteristics of the decision.

Magnetic tile material to improve the vibration and noise, for the spark, to reduce the no-load current, the shape and size of the magnet, mold design and so on should be carefully designed, including unequal thickness tile has been widely used, the principle is to make tile Arc air gap magnetic field trend.

The greater the magnetic energy of the magnetic tile material in the process of use, which will greatly improve the efficiency of its motor, demagnetization curve of the rectangular degree of the better, the smaller the dynamic loss of the motor, permanent magnet ferrite resistance The higher the rate, the smaller the eddy current loss.

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