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Magnetic state and critical temperature of high performance magnet
Aug 24, 2018

High-performance magnets are the magnetic state of a material during operation, and have spontaneous magnetization during operation. Among them, iron is most widely known, and some materials are obtained by external magnetic field. After magnetization, even if the external magnetic field disappears, the magnetization state can be maintained and magnetic, that is, a so-called spontaneous magnetization phenomenon. All permanent magnets are ferromagnetic or ferrimagnetic.

High-performance magnets include any substance that exhibits magnetism when there is no external magnetic field. During operation, it is more deeply understood by different magnetic materials and their magnetic properties. When all the magnetic ions in the original cell of a substance point to its magnetic direction. It is called ferromagnetic. If only a part of the magnetic field of the ion is directed to its magnetic direction, it is called ferrimagnetic. If the direction of the magnetic ions is exactly offset by each other (although all magnetic ions point only in two opposite directions), it is called antiferromagnetic.

There is a critical temperature in the phenomenon of high-performance magnets, which occurs at such temperatures. For ferromagnetic and ferrimagnetic materials, this temperature is called the Curie temperature; for antiferromagnetic substances, this temperature is called Neil temperature.


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