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Magnetic requirements and manufacturing process of cylindrical servo motor magnetic tile
Jan 09, 2019

Various materials and materials around the magnetic servo of the cylindrical servo motor have magnetic properties that are large or small, and are generally weak. There are not many substances and materials with strong magnetic properties. There are more than one hundred elements in the periodic table. Only iron, cobalt, nickel and antimony have strong magnetic properties at room temperature, and some ferrites also have strong magnetism at room temperature. The so-called magnetic substance, in layman's terms, is to use a magnet to suck it, it can be firmly sucked, and it feels very magnetic, so they are called strong magnetic materials, or strong magnetic materials.

The cylindrical servo motor magnetic tile is mainly made of an intermetallic compound composed of three elements of bismuth, iron and boron during the production process, and is an excellent magnetic material. After magnetization, the magnetic properties exhibited are not only strong, but also can be maintained for a long time, and can be maintained for a long time. It is an excellent permanent magnet material.

cylindrical servo motor magnetic tiles In general, below the Curie temperature, there are many kinds of small magnetic regions with spontaneous magnetic moments and magnetic moments in the ferromagnetic or ferrimagnetic material. They are arranged in a disordered direction, such as magnetization without a magnetic field, and the magnetic moment is zero as a whole. Magnetic tile



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