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Magnetic requirements and conditions of use of sintered NdFeB magnets
Aug 20, 2018

Sintered NdFeB magnets have a very high coercive force during operation, and the magnetic force is quite stable. Under normal conditions, demagnetization and magnetic changes will not occur under natural conditions and general magnetic fields. If the environment is appropriate, the magnetic properties of the magnet will not be very large even after prolonged use. So in practical applications, we tend to ignore the impact of time on magnetic performance.

The sintered NdFeB magnet can be magnetized by a magnetic field, and in the course of practical application, a type of material which mainly utilizes the magnetic properties of the material becomes a magnetic material. It includes hard magnetic materials, soft magnetic materials, semi-hard magnetic materials, magnetostrictive materials, magneto-optical materials, magnetic foam materials and magnetic refrigeration materials. The largest amount is hard magnetic materials and soft magnetic materials.

The main difference between the soft magnetic and hard magnetic materials of the sintered NdFeB magnetic tile is that the anisotropy field of the hard magnetic material is high, the coercive force is high, the hysteresis loop area is large, and the magnetic field required for the magnetization to saturation is large. Since the soft magnetic material has a low coercive force, the technology is magnetized to saturation and the external magnetic field is removed, and it is easy to demagnetize, while the hard magnetic material is still long-lasting due to the high coercive force, after being magnetized to saturation and the magnetic field is removed. It is very magnetic, so the hard magnetic material is also called permanent magnet material or constant magnetic material.


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