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Magnetic charging method of wide speed motor magnetic tile and high production efficiency
Jan 14, 2019

The wide speed motor magnetic tile magnetic tile needs to be separately magnetized when it is used, and then loaded into the casing, and then assembled as a whole. To some extent, the magnetic tile is loaded into the casing (adhesive) and then magnetized, and then assembled as a whole, magnetic The tile is loaded into the casing (sticked), the finished product is assembled, and finally the whole is magnetized.

Influence of Different Ways of Wide Adjustable Motor Magnetic Tile on Magnetizing of Magnetic Tile

1. The first type of magnetization is about 10% lower than the surface remanence of the second and third magnetization methods. Generally, the second magnetization method is more reasonable.

2. The first method is very convenient for magnetization. Some plants use solenoid tunnel magnetization for high production efficiency.

3. The second method is magnetizing. Some plants use external punching, some use internal punching, magnetic tiles or magnetic rings need to be glued first, and production is also very convenient.

4. The third way is magnetization. There are many small motors (mostly three slots). In this way, when the rotor is installed, there is no magnetic force to assemble well, but it is not convenient to check whether the magnet is charged.



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