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magnet for seamless tube casing and characteristics of seamless tube casing
Jan 16, 2019

Magnets used in seamless tube casings are galvanically resistant when they are operated. When in an external magnetic field, they are a magnetic phenomenon that causes a weak repulsion to the magnetic field. Paramagnetic refers to the magnetic state of a material. Some materials can be affected by an external magnetic field, producing characteristics of magnetization vectors that are in the same direction. Such materials have a positive magnetic susceptibility.

The magnet is used in the seamless tube to be a magnetic state of the material when used, and has a spontaneous magnetization phenomenon. Among the materials, iron is the most widely known, hence the name. Some materials are magnetized by the action of an external magnetic field, and even if the external magnetic field disappears, the magnetization state can be maintained and magnetic, that is, the so-called spontaneous magnetization phenomenon. All permanent magnets are ferromagnetic or ferrimagnetic.

The concept of a magnet for a seamless tube casing includes any substance that exhibits magnetism when there is no external magnetic field. This concept is still used this way. But through a deeper understanding of the different magnetic materials and their magnetic properties, scholars have made a more precise definition of this concept. It is said to be ferromagnetic when all the magnetic ions in the original cell of a substance point in its magnetic direction.



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