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Introduction to processing characteristics of fan motor ferrite magnetic tile
Sep 14, 2018

Fan motor ferrite magnetic tile is a functional electronic component that has been widely used. At present, the sintering process is mainly used in the processing of the product, with SrO and Fe2O3 as the main raw materials. Because of its low cost, it is currently one of the most widely used magnets.


The fan motor ferrite magnetic tile has good anti-corrosion properties, so it does not need to be surface-plated during processing. The product has stable performance and excellent quality. Sintering is an important process in the process, and the sintering process can be divided into three stages of heating, holding and cooling. At the beginning of the temperature rise, the temperature rise rate is required to be smaller, and the temperature rise is to be smoother.


This is because if the heating rate is too fast, the internal moisture of the ferrite magnet blank of the fan motor will evaporate too quickly, the adhesive will evaporate too quickly, and the concentration will be too concentrated, which may cause cracking and deformation of the product. It may even cause serious cracking of the blank, so the heating rate must be properly controlled during the heating process.



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