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Introduction of no core motor magnetic tile related knowledge
Oct 06, 2017

Compared with the ordinary magnetic material, in fact, there are many no core motor magnetic tile there are different points. For example, in the production process, if you do not pay attention, then it is likely that some dark cracks, these cracks are generally not easy to be excavated. But in the late use of the time may lead to more serious problems.


Especially in the production of some of the structure of a special no core motor magnetic tiles, the probability of this situation will be greatly increased. This is because some of the magnetic tile in the process of pressing, due to the difference in density, or magnetic field and other factors, resulting in a certain internal internal stress.


At the same time in the sintering, there may be different shrinkage characteristics, so this will lead to its internal stress to further increase, and ultimately the formation of cracks. In addition, the no core motor magnetic tile will be with the rough arc angle increases caused by uneven pressure distribution.


In addition, if the no core motor magnetic tiles need to withstand higher strength, then the molding time will be more difficult, the pass rate will be lower. In response to this problem, in the actual manufacturing work, we need to constantly improve the mold magnetic circuit design, and to continuously improve the design of grinding diamond grinding wheel.


Only to do this, can be as much as possible to enhance the no core motor magnetic tile products pass rate, thereby enhancing the competitiveness of manufacturers. For example, in the part of the wet pressure, if you want to enhance its quality, then you need to ensure that the corresponding pressure within the compact. And in the sintering process, should also be reasonable control of its temperature curve.


In short, the current application of no core motor magnetic tile is also more and more widely, so in the production process, we need to use some new technology as much as possible to avoid the emergence of cracks and other issues.



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