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Influencing Factors of Arc Ferrite Magnetic Tile Market Prices
Jan 15, 2018

Arc ferrite magnetic tile itself has many advantages, but also has high permeability at high frequency. Therefore, the current arc ferrite magnetic tile has become widely used in the field of high frequency weak magnetic non-metallic magnetic materials. This is due to the lower magnetic energy stored in the unit volume of ferrite and the lower saturation magnetization, which is only about one-third to one-fifth of that of pure iron.


In the market, we can see that the price of curved ferrite magnetic tile is often affected by many factors. For manufacturing enterprises, due to different positioning, so the pricing in the market are different. So, what are the main factors? Which includes not only internal factors, but also include external factors. There are subjective factors, but also considerable factors. In summary, the main can be divided into product cost, market demand, competitive factors and other factors.


First of all, the cost of curved ferrite magnetic tile. We should know that, in fact, in the market, the price of any one product is based on cost, profit and tax to develop three parts. Costs include both fixed costs and variable costs. And sometimes the price of a product depends largely on its total cost, and sometimes it is largely limited by the cost of change.


Second, in the analysis of the price of the product also need to take into account the actual market demand. In other words, the market price of arc-shaped ferrite magnetic tile is influenced by the interrelationship between supply of goods and demand. The manufacturers in the development of the price, we must have a full understanding of market demand.


The third is the competitive factor of the market. As we all know, the market for arc ferrite magnetic tile is in large numbers, whether it is a buyer or a seller. And market competition also includes many different forms, in general, enterprises in the development of arc ferrite magnetic tile prices should take into account the price of competitors.


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