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Influence of motor stator magnetic tile on motor equipment
May 07, 2018

When it comes to the influence of stator windings on the motor equipment, it is also necessary to pay attention to the high residual magnetic flux Br. Due to the high Br, it is also possible to directly ensure that the motor has a relatively high rotational speed, a large output torque and a large power. As a result, there will be a relatively high efficiency of the motor. After that, about high Hcb. Because the Hcb of the motor stator magnetic tile is high, the required electromotive force of the motor output can be ensured, so that the working point of the motor approaches the maximum magnetic energy product, and the capability of the magnet is fully utilized.


The motor stator magnetic tile also has a high Hcj. Hcj high energy can ensure that the motor itself has a strong anti-demagnetization and anti-aging, anti-low temperature capability; high (BH) max. The higher (BH)max, the better the working coefficient of the permanent magnet in the motor stator's magnetic tile in the motor; the larger the magnetic energy Φ, the better, which will also greatly improve the motor's working efficiency.


When the motor stator magnetic tiles are used, it should be noted that the better the squareness of the demagnetization curve, the smaller the dynamic loss of the motor. The higher the electrical resistivity of the permanent magnet ferrite used in the stator winding of the motor, the smaller the eddy current loss; after that, the permanent magnet ferrite has a small temperature coefficient and will have good temperature stability under high temperature. .


How much Gauss can be achieved in the magnetic properties of the motor stator magnetic tile. For example, the N35 material of 10*4 Gauss can reach about 3000-3200, and the 10*5 can reach about 3400-3600 Gauss; Surface magnetic field 3000-5000G, ferrite 300-800G, Samarium Cobalt, AlNiCo 2000G. Neodymium iron boron should be considered a very high permanent magnet, but it is difficult to reach 5000 or more.


In the Gaussian judgment of the stator stator of a motor, we usually use a Gauss meter to measure the Gaussian surface of the magnet. However, the Gaussian values measured at different positions on the surface of the stator's magnetic shoe are not the same. The Gaussmeter's different measured data are also different, and the error is relatively large. The Gaussian and magnetic fluxes of the stator windings of the motor are different. We should pay special attention when testing.



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