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Influence of motor magnetic tile for car industry and its application effect
Aug 31, 2018

In the automotive industry, the motor magnetic tile can be used to send two-phase alternating current into two groups, or four groups of motor coil windings, thereby forming a rotating magnetic field in the machine, and the rotating magnetic field generates an induced current in the rotor of the motor, and the induced current is generated. The magnetic field is opposite to the direction of the rotating magnetic field and is pushed and pulled by the rotating magnetic field into a rotating state.


The influence of motor magnetic tile for car industry:

As an important part of the motor, its influence on the overall performance of the motor is very obvious. Under normal circumstances, the larger the magnetic energy, the better, which will greatly improve the working efficiency of the motor; the better the squareness of the demagnetization curve, the dynamics of the motor The smaller the loss is; the higher the resistivity of the ferrite is, the smaller the eddy current loss is; in addition, the temperature coefficient of the ferrite is small, so that good stability can be maintained in a high temperature environment.


The motor magnetic tile for car industry to assemble the motor, which will achieve good application results. The main performances are as follows: 1. High torque; 2. Constant speed and low noise; 3. High braking torque; 4. Load current, small motor temperature rise low.



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