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Industrial ferrite magnetic tilewet pressing process and application field
Nov 30, 2018

The magnetic properties of industrial ferrite magnets exhibit high magnetic permeability at high frequencies. Therefore, ferrite has become a non-metallic magnetic material widely used in the field of high frequency and low voltage. Due to the low magnetic energy stored in the unit volume of ferrite, the saturation magnetization is also low (usually only 1/3-1/5 of pure iron), thus limiting its demand for high frequency magnetic energy. And applications in the field of high power.

The production process of ferrite magnetic tile is mainly divided into wet pressure heterogeneity, dry pressure homogeneity and dry pressure heterogeneity. The difference between the opposite sex and the sameness is whether there is an orientation magnetic field when the press is formed. Here, the process of wet pressure heterogeneity is mainly introduced. The larger the magnetic energy Φ of the ferrite magnet, the better, which will greatly improve the working efficiency of the motor.

Industrial ferrite magnetic tilewet pressing process

Raw material - pre-sintering - coarse pulverization (primary ball milling) - batching - secondary ball milling (wet grinding) - magnetic field forming - sintering - grinding - cleaning - magnetization. Since the molding slurry contains moisture, the particles in the magnetic field are easily steered. The dry pressure differential performance achieves a higher degree of orientation and its performance is higher.



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