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How to increase the service life of industrial ferrite magnetic tile
Mar 26, 2018

In industrial production, industrial ferrite magnetic tiles are often used. It is a special type of horsepower machine and is a general form of electric motors. In order to improve the service life of the motor, the key is to master how to properly use industrial ferrite tiles.


In daily work, it is inevitable that industrial ferrite magnetic tile will fail. Under normal circumstances, the staff will first see whether there is any problem with the bearings. After all, it is very important for the bearings in the equipment. This will directly affect the life of the machine.


Many times, due to the relatively high work intensity of industrial ferrite magnetic tile, it will affect the thermal effect of the machine, so it is possible to properly lubricate industrial ferrite tiles, or reduce the work intensity, which can reduce the occurrence of faults. Extend its service life.


Followed by a professional way to reduce the temperature of the overloaded machine, so as to ensure that the industrial ferrite magnetic tile will not directly damage the related issues, because the high temperature will cause adverse effects on the industrial ferrite tile, shorten it Service life.


Therefore, we must pay attention to the daily maintenance of the motor, especially its internal industrial ferrite tiles, to repair and maintenance from the overall and details in order to be able to better improve the life of the machine, better conducive to daily jobs.



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