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How strong is the magnetism of a super strong magnets?
Dec 14, 2018

A super-strong magnet refers to a new type of magnet that is ten times more powerful than a conventional magnetic field. In fact, a one-inch-diameter super strong magnets is enough to pick up a seven-ton truck. The neodymium iron boron magnet we are talking about is one of the super strong magnets. This special magnet is 10 times more powerful than a conventional magnetic field, which means that by making the magnet smaller and more powerful, we have given the magnet a new role.


So how is the super strong magnets formed? For the time being, it is mainly the application of a thermal instrument that converts thermal energy into ready-made tens of thousands of amps of electromagnetic waves. This series of electromagnetic waves forms magnetized superconductors, just as nails can be magnetized by touching magnetic blocks. In the meantime, as long as the superconductor is kept at a low temperature by means of liquid nitrogen, the electromagnetic wave will continuously generate a strong and stable magnetic field, thereby forming a small powerful magnet that can be placed in the palm but can provide a cruise power.


Especially with the wide application of magnets, the emergence of super-strong magnets solves the problem that the current large-volume magnetic field has only limited power, realizing the possibility that the existing instruments using magnets are lighter and cheaper, and it can make electric vehicles Small enough to make a huge MRI scanner portable, and a once-unimaginable 10 MW wind turbine is also possible.



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