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How many methods of electric motor magnetic tile?
Oct 26, 2018

Electric motor magnetic tile is one of the important accessories in the motor. It is used in permanent magnet motor, DC motor, linear motor, brushless motor, motor, motor and other motors. There are three common magnetization methods for the motor magnetic tile. One is to magnetize it separately, then it is loaded into the casing, and then the whole is installed. The other is to be loaded into the casing and then magnetized, and then the whole is installed; After the tile is loaded into the casing, the product is installed, and finally the whole is magnetized.


In contrast, the second magnetization method of the motor magnetic tile is the most commonly used. Due to the closed-circuit magnetization, the magnetic flux density after magnetization is also the highest, and the shape of the magnetizing head can be adjusted to adjust the air gap magnetic density. Waveforms are reached to meet the requirements of different motor functions.


Of course, these kinds of magnetizing methods of motor magnetic tiles have their own advantages. For example, the first one is very convenient. Some plants use solenoids for authentic magnetization, and the production power is high. The second method is magnetically produced. It is also very convenient; the third method is magnetizing, and many small motors use this method, which is well installed because there is no magnetic force when the rotor is mounted.



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