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High-performance NdFeB magnet are attracting attention
Dec 19, 2018

At present, magnetic materials mainly include permanent magnet materials and soft magnets. The magnetic properties of the former can be permanently preserved, and mainly include alloy permanent magnet materials and ferrite permanent magnet materials represented by high-performance neodymium iron boron magnets. NdFeB is the third-generation rare earth permanent magnet material, which is composed of a large number of rare earth elements such as lanthanum, iron and boron. The proportion of lanthanum is 25%~35%, and the proportion of iron is 65%~75%. More than 1%.


The high-performance NdFeB magnet has attracted wide attention because of its high remanence density, high coercivity and high magnetic energy product. It is the most magnetic permanent magnet material to date. NdFeB has a higher magnetic energy product than ferrite, and the magnetic force is 3-5 times that of ferrite. At the same time, its stability is strong and the magnetic force is relatively controllable.


Combined with the current development trend, the new energy industry is a hot spot for future development. Under such a background, High-performance NdFeB magnet are expected to become the main development direction of magnetic materials in the future. High-performance NdFeB magnet are widely used in new energy vehicles, inverter air conditioners, energy-saving elevators, maglev trains, intelligent robots, wind power generation, etc. due to their excellent performance, which can greatly reduce the size of application products, reduce the quality of products and provide It is highly regarded and therefore attracts attention.



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