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Gravitational field and geological structure of motor stator tile
Dec 12, 2018

When the stator of the motor is in use, there is a gravitational field between the materials. When used, it is similar to the magnetic field. It is a field filled with the space around the magnetic pole. The size of the magnetic field can be represented by the number of imaginary magnetic lines of force. The denser the magnetic field lines are the stronger the magnetic field, and the weaker the magnetic field is.

motor stator tile tiles are widely used in the manufacture of high-efficiency, lightweight DC motors such as industrial electrical equipment and automotive electrical systems, such as geared motors, servo DC motors, automobile and motorcycle starter motors, automotive door and window lift motors, wiper motors, seat motors, and heating and cooling. Wind motor, oil pump motor, motorcycle magneto, treadmill motor, car ABS system, door lock motor and power tools.

Variations in the stator blades of the motor can be used to explore the deposit when in use. Since all materials have strong or weak magnetic properties, if they come together to form a deposit, they will inevitably interfere with the geomagnetic field in the nearby area, causing anomalies in the geomagnetic field. According to this, the magnetism of the earth can be measured on land, in the ocean or in the air, and the geomagnetic map can be obtained. The analysis and further exploration of the magnetic field anomaly on the geomagnetic map can often reveal unknown mineral deposits or special geological structures.



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