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Function and Manufacturing Technology of Magnetic Wafer for Rare Earth Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor
Jan 30, 2019

The rare earth permanent magnetic segment for synchronous motor is widely used in the permanent magnet motor as a stator DC motor magnetic tile or rotor, which provides a stable magnetic potential source for the permanent magnet motor. Compared with electric excitation, it has the obvious advantages of simple structure, convenient maintenance, low energy consumption, safety and reliability of the massager motor.


The rare earth permanent magnetic segment for synchronous motor has high magnetic induction intensity, which can improve the rotational speed of the permanent magnet motor, ensure the output torque and power, and finally reach the working efficiency of the progressive motor; higher coercivity and intrinsic coercivity The force ensures that the motor relies on the largest magnetic energy product to ensure the electromotive force required for the output and the ability to resist low temperature aging.


The manufacturing technology of rare earth permanent magnetic segment for synchronous motor mainly has two types of ferrite magnetic tile and neodymium iron boron magnetic tile. The manufacturing technology of sintered ferrite magnetic tile is based on whether the orientation magnetic field can be divided according to the molding process of the press. It is three kinds of wet pressing, dry pressing, and dry pressing. Since the molding slurry contains moisture, the wet pressing method allows the molding particles to be more easily turned and the higher degree of orientation is made, so that the function of the magnetic tile is also more advantageous.





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