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Factors Affecting Mechanical Strength of Ship Electric Motor Magnetic Tile
Apr 11, 2018

Ship electric motor magnetic tiles are a kind of functional electronic components. They are mainly applied to marine motors. The quality of magnetic tiles not only shows magnetic properties, dimensional tolerances, appearance meets national standards and user requirements, but also an important quality. The characteristic parameter is its mechanical strength.


If the mechanical strength of ship electric motor magnetic tile to meet the requirements, chipping may occur during the installation or use of the motor, resulting in the motor rotor being stuck and stopped and the motor being scrapped. Therefore, it is necessary to grasp the factors that affect the mechanical strength of magnetic tiles and to solve them in the production process.


The first is the influence of raw materials. The choice of a good pre-burning material is not only that its magnetic properties meet the requirements, but also a pre-burning material with sufficient reaction, so that it can be used as a raw material for marine motor magnetic tile. Raw materials may enter impurities in the process of preparation, ball mill grinding, slurry transportation, and press molding. Therefore, they must be filtered and screened before they can be used.


Press forming is the key process of ship electric motor magnetic tile. The design and processing of the mold and the setting of process parameters all have a significant impact on the compression molding of the magnetic tile. Therefore, not only must the mold design and processing be reasonable, but also reasonably set the pressing process parameters. This is an important prerequisite for improving the mechanical strength of marine motor magnet shoes.


The sintering process of marine motor magnets not only has a significant influence on their magnetic properties, but also has a major impact on their mechanical strength and physical characteristics. The main process parameters of this process are the sintering temperature and sintering time, which must be set accurately. At the same time, the sintering atmosphere in the kiln body should be normal.


In order to improve the mechanical strength of marine motor magnets, it is necessary not only to strictly control the selection of raw materials, control the entry of impurities in the production process, press forming, and sintering, but also to further optimize the grinding operations to produce marine motor magnets with acceptable mechanical strength.



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