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Electroplating method and coating method for bonded NdFeB magnetic tile
Dec 03, 2018

The bonded NdFeB magnet is reduced in size by 5 to 10 times due to its high coercivity and high magnetic energy product. Therefore, the more expensive price is gradually accepted by people. Therefore, its use is getting bigger and bigger, and its use is getting wider and wider.

Electroplating method for bonded NdFeB magnetic tileic tiles

Generally used for bonded NdFeB magnetic tileic tiles, some bonded NdFeB is also used, electroplating nickel (Ni), zinc (Zn), gold (Au), chromium (Cr), epoxy (Epoxy) and so on. NdFeB surface passivation agent to prevent rust and spotting, the main components: metal surface passivator, filming agent, surfactant, buffer, polymer and so on.

Nickel-bonded NdFeB is nickel-plated, and the surface is glittering, but it is observed with a microscope and is riddled with holes. Therefore, the water can penetrate into the interior as it is, and the bonded NdFeB is oxidized, and the magnetic properties are degraded.

Coating method of bonded NdFeB magnetic tile

Generally coated with some organic resin, silicone grease or some insulating moisture-proof materials. Since the coating material is coated with a solvent, the solvent is volatilized, leaving a lot of pores in the coating layer. Some coating materials are inherently hydrophilic, and water permeates into the water for many years, causing the bonded NdFeB to be oxidized by moisture, which degrades its performance.



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