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Effect of the performance of rare earth permanent tile on the motor
Oct 19, 2018

The rare earth permanent tile is a kind of tile magnet mainly used in the permanent magnet motor in the permanent magnet, and is mainly used in the permanent magnet DC motor, and is different from the electromagnetic motor generating the magnetic potential source through the excitation coil. Replacing electric excitation with gas has many advantages, which can make the motor simple in structure, convenient in maintenance, light in weight, small in size, reliable in use, low in copper consumption, low in copper consumption, and low in energy consumption.


The magnetic properties of rare earth permanent tiles exhibit high magnetic permeability at high frequencies, which has a great influence on the motor. Because of the same magnetic pole surface area and air gap, Br high can produce large output torque and large power. The motor will have higher efficiency. Because Hcb is high, the electromotive force required for the motor output can be ensured, and the motor operating point is close to the maximum magnetic energy product, making full use of the magnet's ability.


For rare earth permanent tiles, the high Hcj can ensure that the motor has strong anti-overload demagnetization and anti-aging and low temperature resistance; the higher the BHmax, the better the working coefficient of the rare earth permanent tile in the actual operation of the motor; The greater the energy, the better, which will greatly improve the efficiency of the motor.


The better the squareness of the demagnetization curve of the rare earth permanent tile, the smaller the dynamic loss of the motor; the higher the resistivity, the smaller the eddy current loss; the lower the temperature coefficient, the better the temperature stability at high temperature; the starting current is small, the time The constant is small. The impact on the power supply is small.



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