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Effect of sintering on permanent magnet ferrite magnetic tile
Jan 10, 2018

In the production of permanent magnet ferrite magnetic tile in the process, which often go through multiple processes. One of these processes is called sintering. Sintering process will not only directly affect the mechanical strength of the permanent magnet ferrite magnetic tile, but also its magnetic properties and physical characteristics have a significant impact. This is because the sintering process is actually the solid-state reaction of ferrite.


In other words, how the sintering effect will to some extent determine the material formation, density, grain size, geometry and mechanical strength of the permanent magnet ferrite magnetic tile. In the actual process of sintering, the main can be divided into three stages, namely, the exhaust process, sintering process, cooling process. Exhaust refers to the complete discharge of water within the blank piece.


It should be noted that during the exhaust process, if the temperature is too high or the sintering speed is too fast, then it may cause the moisture inside the blank to evaporate too fast, which will lead to the crack of the blank of the ferrite magnetic tile. So in the process not only to ensure that the rough uniform water slowly discharged, but also to ensure that the kiln air circulation, to prevent the accumulation of water vapor in the kiln body.


In the second stage, which is the key process of forming a permanent magnet ferrite magnetic tile, the two most important process parameters are the sintering temperature and the sintering time. These two parameters must be set accurately, but also ensure that the sintering atmosphere in the kiln body is normal. Failure to do so could result in the inability to form ferrite materials with significant negative effects on their magnetic properties, density and mechanical strength.


When the sintering process is completed, the next step is to cool it in time. Under normal circumstances, as far as possible to complete the cooling in a short time. However, if the cooling is too fast, the temperature difference between the surface of the permanent magnet ferrite magnetic tile and the inside may be too large. Since large internal stress occurs due to thermal expansion and contraction, there will be wind breaking the permanent magnet ferrite magnetic tile, so it must be controlled appropriate.


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