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Effect of Raw Material Selection on the Mechanical Strength of Tile Type Permanent Magnet Ferrite
Jun 25, 2018

In the processing and manufacturing of tile type permanent magnet ferrites, the main production processes involved include: selection of raw materials, secondary grinding, control of impurity entry, press molding, sintering and surface grinding. Thus, the mechanical strength of the tile type permanent magnet ferrite is often affected by these factors.


As we all know, a tile type permanent magnet ferrite is a functional electronic component and is currently mainly used in various motor products. Its quality is not only reflected in the magnetic properties, dimensional tolerances, appearance meet the national standards and user requirements, there is an important quality parameter - mechanical strength. If the mechanical strength of the magnetic tile does not meet the requirements, some bad problems may occur during the installation or use of the motor.


First of all, we want to produce high-quality tile type permanent magnet ferrites, so we must first strictly control the quality of raw materials. For now, the raw material of the permanent magnet ferrite tile is the permanent magnet ferrite pre-burn material whose main components are Fe2O3 and SrO. A good material can ensure the fineness of the internal structure of the tile permanent magnet ferrite to meet the mechanical strength requirements.




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