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Effect of press forming on the performance of strong motor magnetic tile
Sep 05, 2018

Press forming is a key process in the processing of strong motor magnetic tiles. During the forming process, the design and processing of the molds used and the setting of process parameters have a significant impact on the magnetic tile press forming. If the mold design is unreasonable or the pressing process parameters are not set correctly, abnormalities may occur after the strong motor magnetic tile is formed or even after sintering.


Although there is no abnormality in appearance, after the surface of the strong motor magnetic tile is subjected to surface grinding, sometimes there is a crack on the surface, or after cutting in the radial direction, a small crack can be found on the notched surface, regardless of which , are all important factors affecting the strength of the magnetic tile.


In order to avoid such problems, in the process of pressing and forming the strong motor magnetic tile, firstly, it is necessary to ensure the design and processing of the mold used reasonably; secondly, it is necessary to set the pressing process parameters reasonably, including the pressing pressure, the matching of the fast pressure and the slow pressure, and the unloading. The parameters such as pressure, pressing time, current of the oriented magnetic field, and demolding mode are set reasonably. At the same time, this is also an important prerequisite for improving the mechanical strength of strong motor magnetic tiles.



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