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Effect of Automobile Magnet Tile on Automobile Performance and Quality
Dec 29, 2017

Do you know what kind of performance requirements should be met for high quality automotive tiles? In general, in order to meet the performance requirements of the motor, automotive motor magnetic tile should have good performance, high stability and good processing level. In other words, this type of motor magnetic tile is more popular with automotive motor manufacturers.


In fact, the car's engine, the heart of the car, if the heart is not good, then it will seriously affect its performance. And if you want to produce a good engine, then you have to buy high-quality automotive motor magnetic tile. Here, may be some friends are not sure what is the motor magnetic tile, in fact, a permanent magnet is a kind of magnetic, because the shape is tile shape, so get the name, now mainly used in permanent magnet motor.


This kind of automobile motor magnetic tile has the obvious characteristic. Firstly, after using such magnetic tile, it not only can effectively simplify the overall structure of the motor, but also reduce the maintenance burden and make the motor lighter in weight and smaller in size. More importantly, it also significantly improves the performance of the motor, reducing motor energy consumption.


So, do you know what kind of automotive magnetic tile is a better quality products? Under normal circumstances, the better the performance of the motor magnetic tile, the better the performance of the motor. Therefore, it is recommended that everyone in the purchase, we should pay attention to compare the residual magnetic flux density, magnetic coercivity, intrinsic coercivity and so on. These factors will directly affect the overall performance of the magnetic tile.


In general, the larger the magnetic energy of the motor-driven magnetic tile, the better the efficiency of the motor as it can greatly improve the working efficiency of the motor. In other words, if the car is using a good quality automotive magnetic tile, then the life of the car will increase.


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