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Development Prospects of Wet Press Section Magnets
Jun 22, 2018

The permanent-magnet wet-phase segment magnet is a core component of a DC motor and has been widely used in the current market, and has been developed relatively quickly in the downstream application field. First, the development of permanent magnet wet-section magnets in the automotive, home appliances and other industries has long been favored.


Combined with the corresponding data analysis, along with the rapid development of these industries, it also led to the rapid development of permanent magnet wet section magnets. In fact, the continuous development of the automotive industry in the future will provide a broad market space for permanent ferrite ferrite magnetic tiles. At the same time in the modern society, a variety of household electrical appliances have developed rapidly, as an important function of DC inverter motor - permanent magnet ferrite wet pressure magnetic tile will quickly develop with the frequency conversion appliances.


Not only that, but also the development of electric tools, industrial automation and other industries in the market, to a certain extent, brings a good opportunity for the development of permanent magnet wet section magnet products. In view of the market prospects of applications in the next few years, permanent magnet wet section magnet products have maintained a good average annual growth rate and have a good prospect for development.


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