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Design requirements and no-load current of permanent ferrite magnet
Sep 26, 2018

In the process of operation, the permanent magnet ferrite magnetic tile is effective according to the application field, and its performance and magnetic field waveform requirements are also different. The permanent magnet ferrite magnet can be used as the rotor field, and the outer arc surface The requirements of the table are high, so the basic requirement of the waveform is sine wave. As the stator, it is selected according to the different requirements of the output of the motor, the spark and the noise. The magnetic tile of the stator has a high arc field, due to the shape of the magnetic tile itself. Determined by the production characteristics, the waveform is mainly saddle-shaped, and the waveform has a large output, but the spark noise and the no-load current are large.

In order to improve its vibration noise and reversing spark during operation, the permanent magnet ferrite magnet can effectively reduce its no-load current during operation. The shape and size of the magnetic steel and the mold design must be carefully designed. Thick magnetic tiles have been widely used, and the principle is to make the waveform of the arc air gap magnetic field in the magnetic tile tend to flat top wave.

In the ordinary DC motor, the permanent magnet ferrite is mainly composed of 2 poles and 4 poles. In operation, its magnetic tile is basically used as the stator of the motor, and most of its miniature DC motors are used. It is a ferrite magnetic tile, mainly used in toys, home appliances, and automobiles. When the magnetic tile for a brushless motor is used as a stator, it generally exceeds 6 poles, so its central angle is much smaller than that of a conventional DC motor.


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