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Curie temperature and magnetization direction of ferrite motor magnetic tile
Nov 16, 2018

The ferrite motor magnetic tile is at the Curie temperature, and there are many small regions in the ferromagnetic or ferrimagnetic material that each have a spontaneous magnetic moment and the magnetic moments are paired. They are arranged in a disordered direction, such as magnetization without a magnetic field, and the magnetic moment is zero as a whole. Magnetic tile

Ferrite motor magnetic tiles have a strong "exchange coupling" between adjacent electrons in the ferromagnetic material. In the absence of an external magnetic field, their spin magnetic moments can be in a small area. The "spontaneously" are arranged neatly to form a small area of spontaneous magnetization, called a magnetic tile. In the unmagnetized ferromagnetic material, although each magnetic tile has a certain spontaneous magnetization direction inside, and has a large magnetic property, the magnetization directions of a large number of magnetic tiles are different, and the entire ferromagnetic material is not magnetic.

When the ferrite motor magnetic tile is in an external magnetic field, the volume of the magnetic tile whose spontaneous magnetization direction and the external magnetic field direction are small angles expands with the increase of the applied magnetic field and the magnetization direction of the magnetic tile further turns to the direction of the external magnetic field.


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