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Comparison of the process of bonded permanent magnets with injection molding
Nov 02, 2018

A bonded permanent magnets refers to a magnet made by mixing a certain proportion of binder with a permanent magnet powder, and can be classified into a flexible magnet and a rigid magnet according to its final form. Injection Molding is a new type of composite permanent magnet material with large shape freedom, high dimensional accuracy, magnetic properties that can be adjusted as needed, good product consistency, composite molding, large degree of freedom of orientation, and high mechanical strength. .


The process of bonded permanent magnets and injection molding is basically the same as injection molding. The only difference is that the process is to mold the heated pellets into a mold through a hole. The resulting product is also rigid, and the binder and injection are used. The molding is the same, and the amount added is about 20% by volume.


The bonded permanent magnet is obtained by uniformly mixing the magnetic powder and the binder, kneading and granulating to prepare dry pellets, and then feeding the pellets to the heating chamber by using a spiral guide rod, injecting into the mold, and cooling. After that, you will get the product. The magnetic powder used is generally ferrite, neodymium iron boron and samarium cobalt magnetic powder.


Bonded permanent magnets have the best magnetic properties, and almost all of the bonded NdFeB permanent magnets have been industrialized. The surface of the bonded magnet needs to be protected by a coating, generally by cathodic electrophoresis, spraying or other surface protection methods.



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