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Comparison of Orientation Modes and Applications of Permanent Magnet Ferrite Tile
Sep 17, 2018

Permanent magnet ferrite tile is a functional electronic component commonly used on DC micromotors. It has two different orientation modes, one of which is radially oriented in the radial direction, and its magnetic flux density distribution is saddle-shaped when measured along the inner arc surface of the magnetic tile. The other is oriented parallel in the axial direction. If measured along the inner arc surface of the magnetic tile, the magnetic flux density distribution is sinusoidal.


In comparison, after the permanent magnet ferrite tile is assembled with the motor, the magnetic energy utilization of the former is about one-fifth higher than the latter. However, the rotor of the latter rotates more smoothly and the jitter is smaller. For permanent magnet users, it is more inclined to apply the former. When forming such a magnet, the forming portion should be in the upper portion of the cavity near the upper end surface of the forming field coil to orient the magnetic powder using a divergent magnetic field.


Such a forming method can fully utilize the forming magnetic field. Generally, the thickness of the permanent magnet ferrite tile is not large, so that one-side water absorption can be adopted, that is, a vacuum suction hole is designed on the upper mold, so that the inner surface of the magnetic tile can be avoided. The performance is destroyed by the water absorbing holes, and the surface finish is maintained at a certain level to reduce the amount of grinding during grinding.



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