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Characteristics of Sintered NdFeB Magnetic Tile
Mar 28, 2018

Sintered NdFeB magnetic tiles are made from NdFeB, which is different from the magnets we usually see. NdFeB contains a large amount of rare earth elements such as yttrium, iron and boron, and is therefore hard and brittle, making Sintered NdFeB magnetic tiles have been widely used in modern industrial and electronic technologies, making it possible to miniaturize, lighten, and thin the instrumentation, electro-acoustic motors, and magnetization and magnetization equipment.


Neodymium iron boron magnet is very easy to be corroded, so most of the sintered neodymium iron boron magnets made of electroplating or coating, the conventional treatment methods include nickel plating, galvanizing, aluminum plating, electrophoresis and other methods, if it is sealed The environment can also be phosphatized.


Sintered NdFeB magnetic tile also belong to powder metallurgy products. The processing method is similar to Samarium Cobalt, and the working temperature is very high.

The underlying magnetic properties are very high, and theoretically, the magnetic energy product of sintered NdFeB magnets can reach objects that are 640 times heavier than themselves.


Sintering of sintered NdFeB magnetic tile means that in order to further improve the performance and usability of the magnets, the contact properties between the powders are improved, the strength is increased, and the magnets have high-performance microstructure characteristics, and the green body needs to be heated to the powder matrix phase. The temperature below the melting point and holding time for a certain period of time.


In fact, in addition to the sintering process, there are many ways to make NdFeB magnets, such as reduction diffusion method, melt quenching method, bonding method, casting method, etc. are included, but the sintering method and bonding The law is most widely used in production.



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