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Characteristics of Sintered Ferrite Magnetic Tiles
Apr 23, 2018

Sintered ferrite magnetic tile production process is mainly divided into wet compression, dry compression and same sex, dry compression of the opposite sex, for its difference between the opposite sex and the same sex is when the press molding is not oriented magnetic field. With regard to this actual production, raw materials should be selected, followed by pre-firing, followed by coarse comminution (one ball mill) followed by compounding, followed by secondary ball milling (wet grinding), magnetic field forming, sintering, and after grinding Cleaning and final magnetization can also complete the production.


Sintered ferrite magnets are sintered permanent magnetic materials consisting of yttrium and yttrium iron. In addition to the strong anti-demagnetization function, such magnets have the advantage of low cost. Such magnetic tiles are rigid and fragile and require special machining processes. Magnetoelastic magnets will be oriented along the manufacturing direction and magnetized in the direction taken by the permanent magnets, while the permanent magnets of the permanent magnets can be magnetized in any direction due to the non-orientation of the magnets. Steel manufacturers are often the smallest side will find a slightly stronger magnetic induction.


Sintered ferrite tiles have a magnetic energy product ranging from 1.1 MGOe to 4.0 MGOe. Because of low cost, this magnetic tile has a wide range of applications, from motors and speakers to toys and handicrafts, so permanent-magnetic sintered ferrite tiles are the most widely used permanent magnet materials.


Magnetic tiles are produced using powder metallurgy methods, have a low remanence, and have a low recovery magnetic permeability. The coercive force is larger and the demagnetization resistance is stronger, and it is particularly suitable for the magnetic circuit structure used as a dynamic working condition.


The raw materials used for the sintered ferrite tiles are hard and brittle, and when it is actually used, we must pay attention to it. In this case, it will be used for the cutting process of emery materials. It is a series of raw materials that are oxides that are not easily corroded when they are actually used. The operating temperature of this sintered ferrite tile is -40°C to +200°C, and the working environment is relatively wide.


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