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Characteristics and scope of application of high performance ferrite magnets
Feb 06, 2019

Magnetic materials are the basic functional materials of the electronics industry. As an important part of magnetic materials, high-performance ferrite magnets play an important role in the industries of electronic permanent magnetite industry, information industry, motorcycle, power tool industry and automobile industry.


High-performance ferrite magnet is a functional material that generates magnetic field. It is made of SrO or BaO and ferric oxide as raw materials, and is made by ceramic process. The bismuth, sodium and ferrite produced by the company share DM10T and DM20. 9 grades such as DM25, DM30, DM33H, DM34H, DM42B, DM43, DM43B and bonded permanent magnet ferrite.


Because the raw material price is cheap and the production process is relatively simple, the finished product price is relatively low compared to other magnets. The main raw material of the high-performance ferrite magnet is oxide, so it is not affected by environmental or chemical substances, so the surface is not Electroplating treatment is required, mainly used in crafts, adsorption parts, toys, motors, speakers, etc.



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