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Characteristics and Production Process of High Quality Permanent Magnet Motor Magnetic Tile
Jan 29, 2018

Permanent magnet motor magnetic tile is mainly used in permanent magnet DC motor. The so-called high-quality permanent magnet motor magnetic tile, not only requires the product with high magnetic properties, good appearance and precise size, the most important is the consistency of the product is better. So what's the main feature of it? Let's take a look!


In recent years, due to the rapid development of the electronics industry, coupled with the ever-increasing demand for quality of life, more and more various types of magnetic materials are used. Household cars, motorcycles, fitness equipment and even related to people's daily life in all aspects. These products often require the use of high-quality permanent magnet motor magnetic tile.


In product applications, in order to match with it, so the performance of permanent magnet motor magnetic tile consistency and product size accuracy must meet certain requirements. Want to achieve this requirement, then you need from raw material preparation, tooling equipment, production processes and quality control strictly.


In comparison, the permanent magnet motor magnetic tile in the practical application does bring a lot of benefits, and its performance for the performance of the motor will have a significant impact. After use, the utility model can make the structure of the motor simple, convenient for maintenance and use, and has the advantages of reducing the motor volume, saving materials, reducing energy consumption and the like.


Currently in the production of permanent magnet motor magnetic tile products, the process used is not the same. Generally divided according to the materials and types used, such as ferrite motor to sintered ferrite-based, magnetic NdFeB motor is divided into two types of sintering and bonding.


Among them, there are many kinds of production processes of the magnetic tile of the sintered permanent magnet motor, and the sintered tile products of the NdFeB permanent magnet motor are generally produced according to the procedure of ingredients, smelting, crushing, milling, magnetic field forming, isostatic pressing, Vacuum sintering and tempering, wire cutting and other processing, electroplating, and finally magnetizing.


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