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Characteristics and Installation of high speed motor magnetic tile
Oct 02, 2017

Do you know what kind of effect does the high speed motor magnetic tile have on the motor? In fact, the current situation to analyze the case, the magnetic tile is usually used for permanent magnet DC motor. Compared with the electromagnetic motor through the excitation coil to generate magnetic potential source, the permanent magnet motor is mainly through the permanent magnet data to produce a constant magnetic potential source.


In general, high speed motor magnetic tile service in the motor products, not only can make the motor structure design is more simple and reasonable, but also for the maintenance and use of a lot of convenience. And its smaller, lighter weight, more stable and reliable performance.


More importantly, this can also significantly reduce the loss of the motor to extend its service life. However, the performance of high speed motor magnetic tiles will be affected by temperature conditions. For example, when the temperature is below the Curie temperature, the direction of the magnetic moments is disordered.


If the magnetization is not carried out, then the magnetic moment as a whole is equal to zero. However, when the high speed motor magnetic tiles in the external magnetic field, the magnetic tile will increase with the external magnetic field increases, and will make the magnetization direction of the magnetic tile further to the direction of the external magnetic field.


So, do you know what kind of way should you use when installing high-speed motor tiles? Normally, we need to use AB glue to bond, and then use a stainless steel sleeve for fixing. And often will be in its outside to add a layer of plastic.


The advantage of doing so is that on the one hand can play a fixed role, on the other hand can prevent high-speed motor magnetic tile adsorption iron things. The above is for everyone to introduce the characteristics of high-speed motor magnetic tile and its installation, do not know whether you have mastered friends?


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