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Character description of tile type magnet
Aug 01, 2018

Tile type magnets are mainly used in motors and currently have a large demand in the market. The magnet is the core component of the motor. NdFeB permanent magnet materials can be used in micro-motors, small and medium-sized motors and large generators. The shape of the motor magnet and the motor magnet are mostly tile-type, that is, tile-type magnets, and some are rings or trapezoids, which can be used in different motor motors.


In practical applications, the position of the tile magnet is small, which simplifies the structural composition of the motor, and has no loss and no heat. Therefore, in order to obtain the same output characteristics, the use of such a magnet can reduce the volume and weight of the whole machine; or the same volume, weight, and output power can be increased a lot.


In fact, magnets have a wide range of applications in our lives, and tile magnets are one of the more common types of structures. It is often used in some instrumentation or some products such as motors. The composition of the tile-type magnet is an atom such as iron, cobalt, or nickel, and its internal structure is relatively special, and it has a magnetic moment itself. The magnet is capable of generating a magnetic field and has the property of attracting ferromagnetic substances.



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